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  • Update for Game Console
    Last week, during the edition of the new version, I did not believe that a send button is necessary because I have forgotten our users, who connect with the game console(Nintendo Wii, Playstation, XBox), but they have immediately warned me about his issue and I have added a send button for these users. I think it is a little bit small but I hope this will help. I would like to apologize for this trouble from all console users and primarily from Wii users.
  • New Release: Evolution
    MessengerFX continues to serve with its new features as of today. The story of this change is rather interesting. I had some unfortunate experiences with MessengerFX at the first week of 2007, and I was really low-spirited. Thus, I decided to put some makeup on MessengerFX just like woman put on makeup. After some unsuccessful trials, I decided to give this job to a professional web designer, thinking I am not good with colors. The design I recieved a week after was very satisfactory. However, the designer left some spaces empty for user’s pictures, though the MessengerFX does not have this feature yet. So, I decided to add this new feature to the new design of the MessengerFX in order not to spoil this wonderful design (and also as it was necessary to do so), and immediately I started working. Along with the new design and pictures, now your settings are also saved; for example, the pictures you add, font changes, the size of chat windows and etc. remain saved at each time you log on and most of all, you don’t have to sign up as a member to do it!
    Today, I have completed the activation of the new version, but it still has some problems. I am hoping to solve them by next week, and I kindly expect you to appreciate this inconvenience. PS. If you are experiencing continual problems, you can click on the MessengerFX logo at the left-top of the page, and transit to the most suitable messengerfx server or refresh the page.
  • The site has turned to normal

    Due to some problems in some servers for 2 days, the site sometimes was not reached, now the site has turned to normal. We are sorry for inconvenience.

  • MessengerFX is growing
    MessengerFX has exceeded yesterday for the first time 100.000 visitor level and continues to ascend. Now it has been 8 months on after starting test edition on 15th of March and more than 100.000 visitors coming from 120 different countries around the world use daily MessengerFX.
    Actually I did not start MessengerFX as a project, then I decided to make a messenger module for my another project namely Eskobo. Principally I contacted to some webmessenger sites for this but after receiving unfavorable responses from all I made all coding work by myself and I put it into the Eskobo as a module. Then I thought that such a website shall be more convenient alone and I seperated it from Eskobo and published it as MessengerFX. Actually it has been a more demanding and longer job as I had expected, I think working for the new version of Eskobo and developing MessengerFX by removing all errors at the same time is more than one man job. However frankly it is worth such difficulty and now it is a nice website, certainly it has many deficients. For instance still one can not see or change his or her pictures, settings could not be saved, some protocols such as GTalk, Yahoo, AIM are not supported etc. In the course of time all these features will be made possible but first I have to finish the new version of Eskobo. By the way I am searching for an employee however in my city there are not so many programmers, for that reason still I have not been able to find since two months. I am thinking to move to Istanbul(Metropol) after New Year’s Day and there I will be able to speed up all works after employing a few programmers. I thank you all the visitors who contribute to the expansion of MessengerFX, have a nice chat… And now some statistical information;
    Daily 2.000.000 message sent and 1.900.000 message received.
    39% of our visitors speaks English, 34% of our visitors speaks Spanish, 14% of our visitors speaks Portuguese.
    Mexico is the country where most message sent per person and Turkey is the least one.
    Distribution of our visitors according to the Countries;
    United Kingdom %18
    Brazil %14
    Spain %9
    Mexico %9
    Turkey %9
    Chile %7
    Australia %7
    Colombia %5
    Peru %4
    United States %4
    Canada %4
    Others %10
    Updated….. (06.12.2006)
    Some more statistics :
    Internet Explorer %85
    Firefox %13
    Others %2
    Operating System
    Windows %92
    Linux %7
    Macintosh %1
    Screen Resolutions
    1024×768 %61
    800×600 %21
    1280×1024 %10
    1152×864 %3
    Others %5
    Connection Speed(Bandwidth)
    Broadband(Cable/DSL) %80
    Dialup %10
    Others %10
    Visitors Source
    Direct %80
    Google %19
    Others %1
  • MessengerFX looking for Mobile Developer
    For a developing MessengerFX’s mobile version, we are looking Java ME and .Net CF Developer. Key qualifications below:
    • Very strong Java and Asp.Net(C#) skills,
    • Strong mobile technology(wap, gprs, edge) skill,
    • Strong mobile device(mobile phone, palm, pocket pc, black berry) structure information,
    • The ability to work in teams,
    • Good spoken and written English skills,
    • At least 3 years of development experience,
    • Reside in Istanbul or Bursa / Turkey.
    Send your profile to admin [at] with subject [Job Apply].
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